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What is a Occupational Therapist?

Occupational therapists assist individuals of all ages in participating completely in all aspects of their daily lives, including work, leisure, and necessities of life like dressing, cooking, and driving.
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What is an Occupational Therapist?

Occupational therapists assist individuals of all ages in participating completely in all aspects of their daily lives, including work, leisure, and necessities of life like dressing, cooking, and driving.

Occupational therapy (OT) is a branch of allied health that focuses on treating conditions that affect a patient's capacity for performing daily tasks on the physical, mental, developmental, and emotional levels through the therapeutic use of everyday activities, or occupations.

As such, an occupational therapist is a practitioner who uses therapeutic strategies to improve, rehabilitate, or preserve a patient's capacity to do daily activities.

Occupational therapy examines the whole patient rather than focusing on a specific injury, sickness, or impairment, which sets it apart from other healthcare professions like physical therapy or nursing. For instance, a nurse may help a patient manage pain after surgery, change their clothes, and receive care as they recuperate. In contrast, an occupational therapist will evaluate the patient's important activities and teach them how to regain their independence after surgery so that they can continue the responsibilities that define who they are.

The environments in which occupational therapists operate will also have an impact on the daily tasks that they engage in. Many occupational therapists work in healthcare facilities or in private practice. However, there are several chances to work in other settings as well. Some practitioners, for instance, engage with children in school settings to assist in their development or with the elderly to minimize the challenges associated with aging. Even starting and running their own private practice is an option for those with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Occupational therapy is a very fulfilling career. The demand for occupational therapy is rising as the healthcare industry is constantly shifting.




Occupational therapists may work with patients who have autism and need help with developing their motor skills, learning strategies, social skills and self-care.


This type of occupational therapy helps those with diabetes learn about and manage their disease.

Many patients with diabetes experience a shift as they get older. They transition from their parents managing their diabetes to managing it by themselves. Occupational therapy has shown to have positive results for those who struggle with maintaining glucose levels and need help with self-managing their diabetes.

Stroke rehabilitation

An OT specializing in stroke rehabilitation helps patients recover life skills affected by a stroke.


A pediatric occupational therapist works with children to develop the skills they use every day, in the areas of cognitive skills, motor skills, social development and establishing self-care.

Brain injury

An occupational therapist specializing in brain injury helps patients who have experienced traumatic and non-traumatic brain injury.

A traumatic brain injury is typically the result of a fall, traffic accident, assault or accident at home. A non-traumatic brain injury may be caused by an illness such as Alzheimer's disease, tumor, heart attack, stroke or meningitis.

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Healthcare Delivery by Occupational Therapists in the US

The term "occupations" in occupational therapy refers to the routine tasks that people perform on a daily basis as individuals, families, and communities to pass the time and give their lives meaning and purpose. Activities that people need, want, and are required to do are included in occupations.

Occupational therapists treat patients of all ages in a variety of physical and psychosocial settings. Hospitals, clinics, daycare centers, rehabilitation facilities, home care services, special education facilities, businesses, and industries can all be places of employment. Numerous occupational therapists hold positions as educators, consultants, and private practitioners.

The method of occupational therapy is built on initial and ongoing assessments. The occupational therapist focuses on the patient's unique abilities and environmental challenges as well as issues connected to activities in their everyday lives.

Standardized processes, interviews, observations in various contexts, and interaction with important figures in the person's life are all included in the assessment process.

The plan's objectives, which include both short- and long-term goals for treatment, are based on the assessment's findings. The plan should take into account the individual's stage of development, routines, duties, preferred way of life, and surroundings.

Programs that are environmental and person-oriented are the main focus of intervention. These are made to make it easier for a person to carry out daily chores and adapt to their living, working, and social environments. Examples include removing environmental barriers, supplying resources to minimize stress, teaching new techniques, and providing equipment that enables independence in personal care.

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