Tracy Jones

Counselor | Worcester, MA
In-person visits
340 Main St, Massachusetts 1608 USA
(508) 791-4976
9am to 5pm Monday to Friday
Languages Spoken English
Top Rated Rated as a top Counselor in Worcester, MA
Accepting New Patients Appointments available for new patients
Overall rating 5
Description Tracy Jones is a counselor who works at a counseling clinic located at 340 Main St, Worcester, MA, 1608. Tracy Jones is rated as a top counselor in the Worcester, MA area.
Tracy Jones
Counselor | Worcester, MA
5 (ratings) Make an Appointment
About Tracy Jones

As a dedicated counsellor, Tracy Jones offers guidance to individuals and groups (couples, families, etc.) to help them deal with certain issues that affect their subjective well-being and mental health. Counsellors often use “wellness” models to highlight their clients’ strengths to help them become more confident in their everyday lives. She encourages clients to discuss the experiences that have triggered mental health issues along with their emotions. Counsellors examine various issues such as anger management, anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, and substance abuse. It’s also the job of counsellors to develop therapeutic processes based on their clients’ needs.

Counselling encompasses the counselling process and its outcome, training, supervision, health, prevention, and research. Through counselling, people can find a safe space to open up about the troubles they are facing in their lives, which are typically suppressed due to fear of public stigma. Professional counsellors adhere to a strict code of ethics that involves protecting their clients’ privacy, i.e. keeping their conversations secret. It’s also the responsibility of counsellors to maintain a certain distance with their clients so as not to develop any personal relationships with them.

Tracy Jones is rated as a top counselor in the Worcester, MA area.

Tracy Jones is accepting new patients at her practice located at 340 Main St, Worcester, MA, 1608. To book an appointment, please call (508) 791-4976

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