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Sarah Michaud, PSY

Psychologist | Acton, MA
In-person visits
518 Great Rd, Massachusetts 1720 USA
(978) 263-4878
9am to 5pm Monday to Friday
Languages Spoken English
Top Rated Rated as a top Psychologist in Acton, MA
Accepting New Patients Appointments available for new patients
Overall rating 5
Description Sarah Michaud, PSY is a psychologist who works at a psychology clinic located at 518 Great Rd, Acton, MA, 1720. Sarah Michaud, PSY is rated as a top psychologist in the Acton, MA area.
Sarah Michaud, PSY
Psychologist | Acton, MA
5 (ratings) Make an Appointment
About Sarah Michaud, PSY

As a psychologist, Sarah Michaud, PSY evaluates mental processes along with behavioral traits, to gain an understanding of how people relate to their surroundings. Psychologists are known to work both independently and as a part of a team. Psychologists help people in dealing with stress, addictions and other chronic illnesses through various means. She strives to ascertain the thoughts, behavior and emotions. Based on the specific requirements, psychologists leverage multiple methods such as experimentation, observation and tests, to devise the logic behind a person's choices.

Psychologists commonly perform the following functions: Scientifically evaluate people's behavior and thought processes. Gather information from multiple methods like surveys, observations, tests and interviews as needed. Identify patterns to ascertain the logic behind it and leverage this to predict future occurrences. Utilise their experience and knowledge to forge relationships between individuals and society. Devise methods to remedy psychological problems in schools and workplaces. Help individuals, families and couples to internalise desirable traits. Identify and treat emotional or behavioral issues. Devise and implement treatment plans. Work together with other specialists to help the patients recover.

Sarah Michaud, PSY is rated as a top psychologist in the Acton, MA area.

Sarah Michaud, PSY is accepting new patients at her practice located at 518 Great Rd, Acton, MA, 1720. To book an appointment, please call (978) 263-4878

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