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Sandalwood Health | North York, ON

Sandalwood Health

Sandalwood Health | North York, ON

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  • 750 Oakdale Rd, North York, ON M3N 2Z4
  • 416-749-7667
  • 9 am to 5pm Monday to Friday

Going through the path of mainstream medicine is oftentimes burdensome, and expensive to say the least. Looking for an alternative solution, however, will offer you a better, and often more affordable choice. This is what the holistic health care solutions offered by Sandalwood Health is all about. With holistic health care, you have the freedom to choose your own medication, with the guidance of our very reliable team of health care experts. Call us now to learn more about the holistic health care services that we offer. We will be happy to assist you during the consultation, offering the most dependable recommendations available.

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