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Rose’s Services | North York, ON

Rose's Services

Rose’s Services | North York, ON

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  • 155 Antibes Dr, North York, ON M2R 3G7
  • 416-557-1597
  • 9 am to 5pm Monday to Friday

At Rose’s Services, we offer full-service preventive maintenance at our vehicle repair facility. We provide high quality and guaranteed service that can be trusted at a reasonably fair price. We repair vehicles from different brands, and the repairs are performed by our team of reliable vehicle mechanics. We can also help in troubleshooting and diagnosing the electrical problems of your car using the latest technologies available. Among other services that we offer include diagnostics, repairs, servicing and testing. If you are interested in getting the electrical parts of your car serviced or fixed, give us a call and we can schedule your appointment with us.

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