Louise Spiva, CMT – Massage Therapist | Santa Rosa, CA

Louise Spiva, CMT - Massage Therapist

Louise Spiva, CMT – Massage Therapist | Santa Rosa, CA

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  • 192a Wikiup Dr, California 95403 USA
  • (707) 542-6989
  • 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday
  • Accepting New Patients
  • English
  • Female
  • Telehealth Services Available

As a licensed massage therapist, Louise Spiva, CMT specializes in the usage of touch for the manipulation of soft tissue muscles in the body. The touch used is primarily through hands although it can sometimes employ the use of elbows, fingers, feet, and forearms. She applies fixed and movable pressure to hold and move body tissue and muscles with the aim of promoting client wellness. Massage therapists conduct sessions after talking to clients about their medical history, symptoms, and anticipated results. They also assess which areas of the client’s body are tense or in pain and then manipulate these areas. They can also follow up a session with instructions on posture improvement, strengthening, stretching, and relaxing.

Massage therapists help to reduce pain and muscle tension, spasms, scar tissue formation, and stress related headaches or eyestrains. They can improve client flexibility, blood circulation, breathing, and promote relaxation. Healing of the body can be sped up and even the skin benefits from greater nourishment. Clients often report experiencing a greater sense of wellbeing , improvement in posture, and greater connection between the mind and body.

Louise Spiva, CMT is rated as a top massage therapist in the Santa Rosa, CA area.

Louise Spiva, CMT is accepting new patients at her practice located at 192a Wikiup Dr, Santa Rosa, CA, 95403. To book an appointment, please call (707) 542-6989

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