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Family Variety | Bolton, ON

Family Variety

Family Variety | Bolton, ON

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  • 301 Queen St S, Bolton, ON L7E 2B2
  • 905-951-1987
  • 9 am to 5pm Monday to Friday

Convenience store offers what they are designed to offer – convenience. If you no longer have time to go to an actual grocery store to get what you need, convenience stores are the best places to go to. Family Variety is organized in a way that will make the buying experience even better. When the circumstance and time is so constricted, and you are in desperate need of something to use or eat, you can always visit our convenience store. Aside from shelf items ready for you to use or consume, we also have some fresh items, as our store is equipped with an in-store kitchen facility. Visit our store now and get the things that you need, in the most convenient way possible!

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