Dr. Rachel Perla, MD – Internal Medicine Doctor | Medford, MA

Dr. Rachel Perla, MD - Internal Medicine Doctor

Dr. Rachel Perla, MD – Internal Medicine Doctor | Medford, MA

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  • 26 City Hall Mall, Massachusetts 2155 USA
  • (781) 306-5100
  • 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday
  • Accepting New Patients
  • English
  • Female
  • Telehealth Services Available

As an experienced internist, Dr. Rachel Perla, MD is an expert in the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of illnesses which commonly affects adults. She is specially trained in evaluating incomprehensible medical conditions, continuous treatment of chronic conditions and healthcare of patients suffering from multiple illnesses. Internists are expected to handle the prevention of diseases and promotion of health as well. Internists are called by name names such as ‘doctors of internal medicine’, physicians and general internists. While internists do provide primary care, they are not general practitioners. Internists may also be trained in pediatrics, obstetrics and surgery. Internists regularly treat heart conditions, obesity, hypertension, diabetes and chronic lung disorders. Internists are often consulted by other healthcare specialists, just like they consult other doctors.

Many people are confused between family doctors and internists, as they are alike in so many ways. While both are primary care physicians no doubt, internists focus on treating adults for the most part. Family doctors deal with a wide range of issues that affect a family unit. Some internists study both pediatrics and internal medicine, they are commonly called as Med-Peds.

Dr. Rachel Perla, MD is rated as a top internal medicine doctor in the Medford, MA area.

Dr. Rachel Perla, MD is accepting new patients at her practice located at 26 City Hall Mall, Medford, MA, 2155. To book an appointment, please call (781) 306-5100

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