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Brooks Buffet Restaurant & Lunch | Brooks, AB

Brooks Buffet Restaurant & Lunch

Brooks Buffet Restaurant & Lunch | Brooks, AB

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  • 715 2 St W, Brooks, AB T1R 1A9
  • 403-362-8803
  • 9 am to 5pm Monday to Friday

Whether you are looking for fresh food products, or items that can be stored for a time, Brooks Buffet Restaurant & Lunch has everything covered. We have a wide variety of options on food products that you can choose from. Our team of friendly personnel would also be delighted to help you in finding the items that you are looking for, thus allowing you to save some time while doing so. We also make sure of the quality of our food products, guaranteeing freshness and quality. Drop by our facility now and enjoy the wide selection of options that we have in store.

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