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Boothroyd Imaging Solutions Inc | Georgetown, ON

Boothroyd Imaging Solutions Inc

Boothroyd Imaging Solutions Inc | Georgetown, ON

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  • 247 Armstrong Ave, Georgetown, ON L7G 4X6
  • 905-702-7610
  • 9 am to 5pm Monday to Friday

For your personal use, clinic, hospital, or medical center, Boothroyd Imaging Solutions Inc offers high-quality and affordable hospital equipment and supplies. Whether you’re looking for wheelchairs, body weight scales, ECG unit, sharps containers, procedure tables, basic diagnostic equipment and supplies thermometer, blood pressure monitor, pulse oximeter, etc.), protective equipment (gloves, eyewear, facemasks, aprons), exam tables (pediatric, bariatric, power), autoclave, centrifuge, eye charts, laboratory diagnostic equipment (urine/glucose/chemistry analyzers, specimen refrigerator/freezer, microscope, etc.), or emergency equipment and supplies (oxygen, mask, airways, resuscitation bag/mask, aspirators, etc.), you’ll find whatever you need here. Fill your stock and never run out of hospital equipment and supplies again with Boothroyd Imaging Solutions Inc for better health care services.

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