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Billings Lodge | Ottawa, ON

Billings Lodge

Billings Lodge | Ottawa, ON

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  • 1180 Belanger Ave, Ottawa, ON K1H 8N2
  • 613-737-7877
  • 9 am to 5pm Monday to Friday

Retirement homes and communities in Ottawa, Ontario are designed for older adults who need extra assistance. Generally, they are able to take care of themselves, but our team of care professionals also offer additional help. Additional services and amenities are also provided along the way, making sure that each and every person in our facility receives the care that they deserve. Whether you or your loved one requires minimum assistance or extra assistance, we have everything taken cared of. Billings Lodge will assure you that your loved one will receive the best care and services to meet their individual needs. Contact us now for more options regarding the services that we offer.

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